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Quick Make-Up Tricks to Freshen Up Any Look

Have you ever noticed someone impeccably dressed, but their skincare and makeup (or lack thereof) distracts or totally changes the look? No matter how much you spend on fashion, you can’t forget to take care of yourself above the neck! Your whole look should be completed by a great skincare and makeup routine. If you aren’t sure where to start this quick tip guide can help you on your way to a total knockout.

Work from the Inside Out

While most of this article is about makeup, everything starts from the ground up, even your face. The best works of art need a good canvas to start from. No amount of makeup trickery can make up for beautiful skin. We’re not talking about perfection here – little flaws and smile lines are what make us unique! It’s about putting in the effort to maintain your skin care, eat a healthy diet, getting rest, and staying hydrated. It’s also important to use the right supplements and antioxidants that support healthy skin. Do these things and you won’t even need as many makeup tricks to look fresh and rested.


Turn on the Highlighter

If you need an immediate fix, having highlighter is a lifesaver. When used properly, highlighter gives you a dewy, fresh glow. Try a powder illuminator which is less “strobe light” and more “soft glow”. Using a fluffy brush, dust highlighter onto the places where the sun would hit (tops of cheeks, nose, top of the forehead, and a little bit on the chin). It’s an instant pick-me-up. You can also find liquid highlighters for under-eye circles and dark spots.


Clean Up Your Eyes

Eye makeup has a tendency to smudge and move around through the day. This can give the appearance of tired eyes, especially underneath the eyes. Remove your eye makeup and apply fresh undereye concealer or a brightening cream and 2 coats of mascara. It will instantly wake up your entire face. If you apply liner, be sure to avoid under-the-eye and wing outward for a better shape and uplifted appearance.


Manage Your Moisture

If you have oily skin, use blotting papers to soak up excess oil. You can also use a dry napkin or tissue in a pinch. Dust on a layer of sheer colorless powder like a mineral powder to help keep oil at bay, and to give you an overall fresh look.

If your skin is on the dry side, try a moisture mist. Dryness and flakiness can make you appear tired and make your skin look dull. A moisture mist quenches dry skin and is a great way to add some mid-day hydration without messing up your makeup. Consider getting regular facials or natural, green facial products to keep a fresh face any time of year.


Add a Bright Lip

When all else fails, add lipstick for an instant freshener to your outfit. Add a pop of lip color like a statement red, a lovely pink, or a daring fuchsia to wake up your face. As long as the rest of your makeup is simple (read: no dark eye makeup), a bright, bold lip will pull it all together.


Your face is the base of any look or outfit. Keep it healthy and fresh with a few simple makeup tips. Pay attention to your coloring, makeup products, and the way you apply it. Getting a fresh face is all about strategy, and these ideas can keep you looking young and revitalized.



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