frequently asked questions

While change on a large scale is never easy, keep in mind that there are natural skin care alternatives. Organic and whole foods are an environmentally safe way to protect your skin from harmful toxins and chemical agents associated with commercially manufactured skin care products.  Because our skin is so porous, the chemical ingredients present in makeup, cleansers, masks, and moisturizers can absorb into the skin within 26 seconds of application and filter directly into the bloodstream. Research studies indicate that our skin absorbs approximately 65% of what is applied and in some areas such as the genitals and under arms, the absorption rate is 100%.  When questioned about the daily use of these harmful ingredients, some may argue that they are only used in small amounts.  Even if this is the case, consider the long-term health risks associated with repeat exposure—day-after-day, year-after-year.   

If you have sensitivities to certain fruits, vegetables, herbs or nuts, we will customize the ingredients to benefit your skin type as well as your health.

Organic facials are a relaxing way to de-stress and regain your center helping you to maintain youthful, healthy skin.  Our organic facials are customized to the clients’ needs which may also include anti-aging facials and acne clearing facials.  When warm steam is applied to the face, it helps to release toxins by opening up the pores and blood vessels thereby increasing circulation.  The calming aromatherapy oils and soothing massage of an organic facial may also help reduce the risk of short-term high blood pressure caused by anxiety and stress.  

Traditional leg waxing and Brazilian waxing can often be harsh, resulting in hair breakage and ingrown hairs.  Rejuvenating Vegan Spa uses a method of hair removal which stems from the ancient days of Cleopatra called body sugaring.  The main ingredients used are lemon, sugar and water (other natural ingredients may be added).  The paste is applied to your skin and then quickly flicked off extracting your unwanted hair.  This method is less painful than traditional waxing so if you have sensitive skin or are prone to ingrown hairs, body sugaring may be an alternative technique for you.

We do offer a high quality premium hard wax, top in the market, for guests that prefer waxing over body sugaring.  Hard wax is applied to the hair in the opposite direction of growth and pulled in a quick motion to remove unwanted hair.  Our techniques offer a much less painful experience and less chances of hair breakage and ingrown hairs.  Our premium wax is great for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.

PLEASE INFORM YOUR ESTHETICIAN IF YOU ARE ON ANY MEDICATIONS OR CARE OF A DERMATOLOGIST.  Medications may cause serious sensitivities to the skin and can cause your skin to peel.   

Depending on how quickly your hair grows and of course, your budget, we recommend every 3-4 weeks.  Body sugaring or waxing on a regular basis will thin and soften your hair allowing it to become more-and-more sparse each time the hair is removed from the root.  Depending on the hormones of each individual and the body area of treatment, if hair is removed correctly and regularly, hair growth can cease permanently

Because there are different stages of hair growth, it may take several rounds of regular waxing/sugaring for your hair to grow at the same stage.  The reason you are getting stubble days later is because some of the hairs may not have been long enough to wax/sugar or were still too far down in the follicles during your waxing session.  Waxing/sugaring regularly can actually slow hair growth and change the growth cycle of your hair follicles.  Over time, your hair growth will lessen by weakening the hair follicles thus allowing you to wax/sugar less frequently.

Yes.  You may however, experience more discomfort than normal due to hormonal imbalances during this time period.  

Yes.  For areas within a 10 mile radius of Naperville, our travel fee is $15.  Traveling outside of the 10 mile radius is $25.