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Start Your Transformation Now!  Finally, clear your acne OR hydrate your dull aging skin.


Tara’s products are a life saver! She recommends products based on skin type, and I saw results (my acne cleared up almost completely) within the first week and a half of using her products. I also love her bamboo exfoliate, it is a must have!! 
~ Colleen V. Google review

I was excited to try her all natural skincare line and all I can say is it was life changing for me. I have tried so many different product lines and many of the professional ones too but never got the visible results or that really healthy feeling I get from using what Tara has created. My skincare ritual is now something I truly look forward to every morning and evening. It just makes me feel so good! 
~Donna P. Google Review

bath & Body DEALS

Buy One Get One 1/2 Off

ALL individual bath & body products are 15% OFF

Hydrating Bath Set

Our bath line is tailored to hydrating your skin with long-lasting results that leave you feeling silky smooth all day.

Set Includes: Set of 3 Bath Bombs, Bath Salts, Body Butter

Only $42.00

Reg. price: $58.50

  • Hydrating Bath SetQuick View

    Hydrating Bath Set

    • ↓ 28%
      Hydrating Bath SetQuick View
    • Hydrating Bath Set

    • $58.50 $42.00
Hydrating Body Butter

Whipped to a light fluffy texture. Our body butter will leave your skin feeling like silk with long-lasting hydration.

Only $37.50

Reg. price: $50

Bath Bomb Set

Only $15.00

Reg. price: $50

  • Hydrating Bath BombQuick View

    Hydrating Bath Bomb

    • ↓ 70%
      Hydrating Bath BombQuick View
    • Hydrating Bath Bomb

    • $50.00 $15.00


Relax with our breathtaking blend of essential oils blended with epsom salt geared to relax your muscles and joints.

Only $12.50

Reg. price: $50


Made with cocoa, mango , avocado essentials oils and vitamins for intense hydration that lasts all day


Reg. price: $10

Skin care DEALS

Buy One Get One 1/2 Off

ALL individual skin care products are 15% OFF

Honey Bamboo Cleanser

Facial in a jar.

Helps the following Skin Types:

Dry or Aging: helps smooth out fine lines, intense hydration, plumps the skin

Oily or Breakout Prone: helps balance skin’s pH, kills bacteria, rapid healing


Reg. price: $65


Looking for something on the go?  You will LOVE our light weight foam cleanser tailored to you skin’s conditions, texture & sensitivity.  Deeply cleanses the skin without having the feeling of being stripped of oil and needing more.  


Reg. price: $55

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    Purifying FOAM CLEANSER

    • ↓ 15%
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    • Purifying FOAM CLEANSER

    • $55.00 $46.75


A luxurious blend of the highest quality botanicals – giving you the eye-catching hydrated glow you are looking for.  With this product the number one feedback we hear from guests is the glow and silk affects it gives.  It is a MUST have!


Reg. price: $55

Custom Moisturizer

Our hand-crafted rich blend of super-foods gives your skin the protection and nutrients it needs.  Custom formulated to achieve just what you are looking for.  Feeling more on the dry side or a little extra oily?  Either way, we have you covered!


Reg. price: $41

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    Anti-Aging Moisturizer

    • ↓ 15%
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    • Anti-Aging Moisturizer

    • $55.00 $46.75

Hydrating Toner

Our toners are infused with high quality essential oils that deliver the balance your skin needs – with an extra boost of hydration from our friends- Q10 and our rich blend of vitamins. Many of us don’t leave the house without this one!  Gives the perfect boost of hydration and glow throughout the day.


Reg. price: $41

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    Hydration Plus Toner

    • ↓ 15%
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    • Hydration Plus Toner

    • $55.00 $46.75

Bamboo Dust TOP SELLER

Our bamboo dust is surely one of a kind.  It is like having microdermabrasion you can get at home once a week.  Our bamboo is so fine that it reached deep within the pores to clean out dirt and debris.  You will have skin like silk after just one use!


Reg. price: $41

Essential Skincare Set

$75 OFF plus a FREE under eye balm or blemish spot treatment
$340 value

All Product Set Includes:
Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, Bamboo Exfoliator



Reg. price: $285

  • Essential Skincare SetQuick View

    Essential Skincare Set

    • ↓ 31%
      Essential Skincare SetQuick View
    • Essential Skincare Set

    • $285.00 $197.00
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What makes our products so unique?

HIGHEST QUALITY INGREDIENTS- We take pride in the high quality raw ingredients we offer.  All of our ingredients are sourced from USDA approved farms offering the purest quality available in the market.
100% ORGANIC-  Have peace of mind knowing what is going on your skin is healthy.  What we apply topically matters and enters through our pores into our blood stream.  Our products are free from ALL harmful ingredients. 
CUSTOMIZATION- One of the most important reasons our customers are experiencing the life-changing results they are.  You can not get more customized than what we offer.  We tailor your individual products to your skin’s type, condition, sensitivity and texture.  Giving you the exact needs for your own skin.
FORMULATION- All of our products are formulated using high amounts of vitamin, essential oils, rich botanicals and and other raw ingredients to offer results that radiate.
POTENCY-   Plants are a delicate and fragile source, so it is important that they are thoughtfully cared for during the time of creating products that are results-driven.  With that said, when making our skincare products we keep temperatures low to be sure we are not taking out any of the nutrients in each plant during creation.   


We want to say THANK YOU…

On behalf of my family, we want to say thank you for continuing to support our business as you have .  We are very grateful for each and everyone of you.  We are also excited to announce that we will be officially launching our skincare line, savYour skin, online soon and you will be able to order directly from our website.  Go to savyourskin.com to enter into our upcoming drawing for some free stuff! 🥰

 We care about your Health & Safety…

Due to the spread of the covid-19 it is very important to me that you have peace of mind in knowing that I am taking ALL precautions when handling your products.  I have always followed the OSHA standards and protocols for proper sanitation guidelines.  Your health and wellness is at the front of my mind when I am creating your products. 🥰