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Our Acne Clearing Bootcamp is going to take your acne-fighting journey to the next level. Our intense Bootcamp program is designed to get to the root causes of your acne, to have clear skin for life. Dependant upon the proper products, they can help improve your skin appearance, texture and tone, our bootcamp will help to clear your skin once and for all

Throughout our Bootcamp Program, we will teach and guide you through what the triggers are that cause acne and to seek the underlying cause of your acne.(start with benefit)Live a healthy lifestyle by learning new healthy habits of day to day living from diet, exercise, makeup, products and much more. We will also equip you with everything you need to kick acne to the curb to live a healthy clear skin life. After you have completed the Bootcamp Program, we will guide you through adding certain foods back into your diet which will allow us to pinpoint what maybe a trigger for your acne cause. This will equip you in knowing what works for your skin and does not- this way you will be able to maintain your new beautiful clear skin!

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This is not your ordinary average program we seek out the direct cause of your acne byu doing an in depth skin analysis looking at your body as a whole

Attacking acne topically at the root with products

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What is the investment… pricing and consultation

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Initial Consultation
60-90 mins  / $230

Acne Facial Treatment
40-60 mins / $145

Facial treatments combine deep cleanse, steam, extractions, mask, customized blend of essential oils and vitamins along with moisturizing the skin. During this time we will coach you to target breakouts from the inside out.

After your Initial Consultation, you will come in for facial treatments every 2 weeks until your skin is clear.  During a course of 3-4 months you will receive about 6–8 treatments. The time that is will take to clear your skin is highly dependent upon how compliant you are with the program and how regularly you come in for your facial treatments.

Each treatment will:

  • Exfoliate the skin to accelerate cell turnover, recovery in your skin and to help homecare products with penetration
  • Extract breakouts as they purge to the surface of the skin
  • Kill bacteria within the follicle
  • Customize mask ingredients dependant upon the stage of your skin
  • Monitor your homecare routine and tweek necessary areas as needed to help the process of healing you skin
  • Keep track of diet and lifestyle changes and choices that may trigger your acne


We do not use the harsh medications, chemicals or irritating topical products that most dermatologists use to treat acne We spend hours and of working with you on- on-one looking at your body as a whole monitoring you closely to make sure that you are not having the harmful chemicals and side effects that most acne sufferers experience when under the care of a dermatologist.

Our Bootcamp program does only specialize in acne. However, we do offer our handcrafted facials for all skin types.

Acne scarring can be tricky but certain scarring is treatable.  It is dependant upon what grade scarring you have. We will go over treating scarring more in-depth at your consultation.

Absolutely! Our program works with all grades and types of acne ranging from mild to severe, if you experience the occasional pimple or constant breakouts, we treat it all the same because it all functions the same way. Our ultimate goal is to get to the underlying cause of your acne.

No. We are serious about helping and guiding you to find the root causes of your acne to achieve clear skin for the rest of your life and treatments alone do not get sustainable, long-term results. Treatment facials work on the surface of the skin which will help to speed up the process to clear your skin but will only be a quick fix and will not correct your acne long term. Many times it just comes back. If you are looking for a quick, short-term fix, this is probably not the right treatment program option for you.

Yes. We want to give you the best results so in order to participate in our program, you will have to be using the product kit that your Acne Coach develops for you to insure that your skin’s needs are being treated in the most effective way possible. All of our products are customized and made to the maximum strength that is tolerable for your skin to achieve optimal results. They are tailor made down to each each ingredient as well as a focus on ingredients that may not be suitable for your skin.

We do not use any of the harsh chemicals found in most skin care products found in the market.  We use only top of the line 100% organic ingredients of the highest quality and grade.

We only offer product refunds if there is a defect when you first purchase your products.  Most people with acne have sensitive skin when they come in because of the products and topical medications are usually too strong or cause dehydration in the skin.  You will complete a detailed intake form where you list any allergies and sensitivities prior to your first appointment. We also perform a skin assessment and sensitivity test during the Initial Consultation.  These necessary steps will help us in creating the best tailored products for you without any irritating side effects that most acne sufferers experience with store bought or dermatology recommended products.

No. Your initial consultation will consist of an in-depth health history and a skin sensitivity test.

Yes! Most skincare professionals do not take into account or even know that there are certain ingredients that pregnant and nursing women should avoid to keep their babies safe. We are well educated about these potentially dangerous ingredients and tailor each treatment and product regimen to give you the result without any risk of harm to you or your baby.

During our bootcamp program, part of the process may be for some to cut out certain food groups for a period of time such as sugar, dairy, soy, wheat/gluten.  Once you have eliminated certain foods for 30-90 days we will slowly add them back into your diet to see what you possible trigger foods are that may be a culprit to your breakouts.  This food challenge is not for everyone that has acne. You acne is unique just like you are 🙂

Absolutely not!  Acne can affect all age groups.  If you are under the age of 18 we do ask that a legal guardian is present for your initial consultation.  We do recommend a parent comes along for the visit to help encourage their child during our bootcamp and make the necessary changes needed at home to achieve clear skin, but it is not mandatory.

We cannot perform acne treatments if you have recently used prescription medications since they thin out the skin and can cause scarring from even the most mild treatments. Please discontinue the use of all topical medications for least 14 days and Accutane for at least 2 months prior to your appointment.

After acne treatments, you may experience peeling, redness, or light scabbing but these post-treatment side-effects are temporary and usually go away within 2-5 days.

We require a credit card number to insure that our cancellation policy is honored.  Your credit card will not be charged at the time of booking but it will be charged if you do not follow our cancellation guidelines.  

New Client appointment must cancel at least 7 days prior to your appointment date and returning clients must give a minimum of 72 hours cancellation notice.

We cannot guarantee clear skin because there are too many factors in the acne clearing process.  It would not be fair to make any promises when the most important factor is completely out of our control because it is mostly depends on you and how compliant you are with the program!  What we can promise you is that we have never failed to clear a compliant client. Some clients take longer that the average 6-8 treatments due to some factor outside of their control such as allergies, hormonal conditions, pregnancy, work, medications, and scheduling issues which can all impact how quickly we are able to clear acne.

Of course you can!  We will go over this in more depth during your consultation as well.  We do recommend that you try to be without make up as much as possible to let your skin breathe and recover.

Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover services performed by a Licensed Esthetician but many of our clients are able to use their HSA or FSA to pay for our services and/or products.  We are happy to provide you with receipts to submit for reimbursement but we cannot guarantee that the cost will be covered under your particular plan and we do not provide diagnosis codes since we are not Medical Doctors.  We highly recommend contacting your benefits administrator prior to your appointment to check the details of your plan so there are no surprises

To insure the safety of your skin and the best possible results, we distinguish between ‘active’ and ‘inactive’ clients.   In order to schedule advance appointments and receive appointment priority, you must maintain ‘active’ client status by adhering to program guidelines, using the product regimen as advised, and coming in for treatments every two weeks or every six to eight weeks if you have graduated the program (unless your AES Esthetician advises a different treatment schedule).  If you are an inactive client who is not maintaining a consistent treatment schedule, you will be placed on an appointment waitlist and offered appointments if/when we have a week-of cancellation or an active client graduates and space becomes available during your requested time slot.

For new clients: We kindly ask that you please cancel/reschedule Initial Consultations at least 7 days prior to your appointment. Cancellations made within 1-3 days of your scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the scheduled service cost and cancellations made within 4-7 days of your scheduled appointment will be charged 50% of the scheduled service cost to your card on file and a non-refundable deposit taken for any future appointments.

Return Client Appointments: We kindly ask that you cancel/reschedule Acne Treatments at least 72 hours in advance. Cancellations made within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment will be charged 100% of the scheduled service cost to your card on file and a non-refundable deposit taken for any future appointments.

We always appreciate your generosity!  It can be a little confusing if tips are accepted since our services are more like a medical service than a service, however, we are licensed Estheticians without having the benefits of being medical doctors and like others in the service industry, a large part of our benefits are derived from gratuities.  So just like in any service industry, tipping is never required but certainly appreciated.