Acne Clearing Bootcamp

Finally Break Free From Acne Once And For All with an all-in-one solution 


Acne Clearing Bootcamp

Finally Break Free From Acne Once And For All with an all-in-one solution 

Hey Beautiful!

Are you secretly ashamed of going outside of the house everyday because of your acne?

Do you wish that you could wake up in the morning for once and look in the mirror and see your face clear and without any acne?  

Are you struggling with low self esteem, anxiety, depression, lack of a social life and keeping you from being in relationships?

I know what you are thinking… how does she know all this?!  This was me too!

Until I took the necessary steps to clear my skin, I was going through the same rollercoaster you are.  I am going to take you through the same steps or process I took to clear my pesky acne and you are going to have clear skin once and for all just like I do.  Keep following me here to find out what steps I took to achieve the healthy, glowing skin I have today.

“For every harmful chemical, nature has a better way…I just had to find it”

What Our Customers Have to Say

You see, most of my clients have already tried it all, just like myself and most likely you.  They were are the end of the road too. You NEED my help and I want to help you!

I only work with a very specific ____ could it be you?
(In 2 overlapping circles may it would be cool to put in one of them who I will work with and the other who I will not.)

I only work with people who are motivated and disciplined to do whatever it takes to clear their skin.  Who is willing to invest in the out of pocket expenses to having clear skin and is committed to a lifestyle change.  Who has a positive go getter attitude and who is respectful of my time.

I absolutely reject working with clients who are lazy, unwilling to make the necessary life changes to having the clear skin they desire, who have the attitude that they want to spend little to no money on products or or necessary ____ for their skin.

I am so excited that dark depressing road you have been down stops today.  Break free from it. Stop the Battle NOW! You have finally found real answers with real results!  WORK ON THIS TO WORD BETTER

*** We can use something like the next two statements

Your acne is unique which is why you need our unique solution!

Here Is Your Blueprint to Successful Skin

Throughout our program we will teach and guide you through what the triggers are that cause your acne and seek the underlying cause(s) of your acne:

You will learn everything you need to know to KICK ACNE TO THE CURB!

After you have completed the Bootcamp Program, we will continue to guide you through adding certain foods back into your diet which will allow you to pinpoint what maybe a trigger for your acne..  This will equip you in knowing what works for your skin and does not- this way you will be able to maintain your new beautiful clear skin for life!


Just Imagine…

The first thing you do is look in the mirror and think I LOVE my skin.  It is healthy, hydrated, has a beautiful glow. NOW people see the real beauty in you that was buried underneath your acne.


t a r a

Hi I am Tara Simon.  I am sooo excited that you have found our Bootcamp Program and you are on your path to having successful healthy skin just like myself and many others.  Ahhhh, i’m so excited for you! Please take a moment to read my bio and background of suffering with acne myself. (add link here to my bio)

My focus it to help people who are struggling with acne to get to the root cause(s) of their acne.  I want to educate and to guide you through to complete healing from the inside out. See, most of our problems with acne are in our gut and you may have never even realized that could be part of the reason.  I want to help change the lives of many who struggle with this disease. I want to see people walk with their head held high and an abundance of confidence. To feel good in their own beautiful skin and laugh like no one’s business.

I truly believe that God brought me through the struggles that I faced with acne, to one day make a life-changing impact on someone else’s life by helping them heal their acne.  I believe that God has graced me with his wisdom to create a powerful life-altering skin care line. This is God’s business, I am just his hands and feet… I just work here. My success, journey that I am on and calling on my life is preordained by God and I am only the best at what I do because he has equipped me for this.  

Do not let acne decide who you are.  Take the necessary steps to be and look like who you say you are.  


What’s the Investment

Initial Consultation $230

After the initial consultation you will come in for facial treatments every 2 weeks for roughly 12 weeks.  Some clients do complete the program sooner. It is dependent upon how committed you are.

Products $289 (includes 15% discount)

Product kit includes: Cleanser, Toner, Serum, Moisturizer, Bamboo Exfoliate, Spot Treatment

You must use the products during this program.  They are a major part of your success. They will be individually customized to your skin’s sensitivity, condition, texture and type.

Acne Facial Treatment- 40-60 mins / $145 and consists of deep cleanse, steam, extractions, mask, customized blend of essential oils and vitamins in each step along with moisturizing the skin and high frequency. During this time we will coach you to target breakouts from the inside out and customize your next 2 weeks until we see you again.



It is a no brainer!  How much is it worth for you to have clear skin?  I want you to ask yourself- Self, have you tried everything and are sick of having this pimply-problem?  If you answered yes then the answer is YES! You just broke free from acne and it is no longer runing or running your life.


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